Tracking Seminar

**Working  spots have all been taken, but auditing is available.**

You lucky people!  Sally Nesbitt, an AKC tracking judge,  has again agreed to lead a tracking seminar on Friday afternoon, March 1st.  Her seminar will likely last about 4 hours, and will start at 2 pm.  It will be aimed at those getting started in AKC field tracking. We are limiting it to 6 working spots, but will offer unlimited auditing.  The cost for a working spot is $35, auditing is $20.

All funds collected for this seminar go into the Terv Club's tracking fund. Many thanks to Sally; with her support our club has been able to annually offer several tracking tests, including the challenging VST (Variable Surface Tracking Test).

To sign-up for the Tracking Seminar, please visit our Payments/Reservations page.

Those of you with working spots should bring:
  • your dog! 
  • a leash with a snap clip that attaches to your dog's harness 
  • a harness (nothing fancy; something from Petco, etc. is fine) 
  • lots of treats your dog loves (they should be about the size of a dime, and should be able to be eaten quickly without chewing a lot) 
  • pockets or a pouch which will allow you to get treats quickly without fumbling around, and 
  • a happy attitude! 
You can learn more about Sally at her website

Sally Nesbitt